Whisky Monster reviews Paul John PX Select Cask

Published by Whisky Monster on 13-Aug-2020.

Paul John PX Select Cask is one of the new expressions from Paul John Distillery that is placed next to Paul John Oloroso Select Cask. Both whiskies are now additions to Paul John’s Select Cask range which is composed of Classic Select Cask and Peated Select Cask.

This whisky takes its name from the famous Pedro Ximenez barrels that it rests for 2 years after 5 years in 1st fill ex-Bourbon barrels. Last year’s stunning Christmas Edition 2019 was obviously a sign for this bottle. PX casks that are used for this whisky are very very old PX Butts from Andalucia, Spain and matured in Goa, India under an angel’s share of 8-10%.


When it comes to tasting, all I can say is ‘Oh my goodness!’. This is an incredible liquid with layers of flavors and quality. Starting from the nose, until the last feeling in the finish is sublime! Paul John PX Select Cask is definitely a ‘sit down and enjoy’ whisky. If you are a cigar smoker, it will even accompany your late-night cigar or reading. Reminds me of those old-time heavily sherried Scotch with robust profile.

Thanks to Michael d’Souza and Paul John team for this marvelous whisky.

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