The various expressions of The Great Indian Single Malt is the artistic fusion of three elements- Barley, Water, & Charred Oak Casks. Each bottle has a significant character of its own.

The journey to create the most sumptuous whisky lead to a family of 5 core expressions. Brilliance, Edited and Bold are our flagship expressions. With 46% ABV, the Brilliance is a non-peated whisky, Edited has a hint of peat, while Bold is the epitome of a peated whisky.

Skillfully crafted and anchored, the Select Casks whiskies are drawn from selected cask profiles and have a distinct and unique character. The Classic is an elegant masterpiece from selected casks while the Peated offers delicious wafts of peat.

We believe in taking the hitherto untrodden trail and often experimenting with different cask finishes, creating rarities. The Oloroso, a limited edition, was the result of such an effort. This soft delicate single malt enriched with intense flavours, was finished in Oloroso casks and is a definite choice for any whisky enthusiast’s collection.
Paul John whisky recently introduced its latest limited single malt expression, The Mars Orbiter. A commemorative expression to honour India’s successful space mission, the launch of the Indian space probe to Mars.
An interplanetary quest for knowledge, pride and discovery, and completing a marathon of 670 million kilometres in 300 days, the Mars Orbiter Mission stands forever as a symbol of national prestige. With aromas of orange blossom that herald intense flavours of delicious dark cocoa, rich oak and gentle spices, this limited edition single malt culminates with a delightful smoky finish. With only 350 bottles produced, The Mars Orbiter promises to be as remarkable as its namesake!

The Paul John Zodiac series celebrates Indian Astrology. Each zodiac sign symbolizes characteristic features of individuals. Likewise each Zodiac release by Paul John Whisky, possess characteristics unique to that zodiac sign. And the first to be launched of this series is the Kanya by Paul John. Ruled by Mercury and symbolised by the virgin, Kanya is the dignified Indian counterpart of the highly appealing Virgo, the sixth zodiac sign of the universe. With its earthy, feminine sensuousness, this deep amber expression personifies the intrinsic characteristics of the Kanya.

Created in India, The Great Indian Single Malt has won more than 200 awards in 6 years and continues to strive to enrich the experience of every sip.

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Master Distiller Michael D'souza


The mystique of The Great Indian Single Malt needs to be unraveled with great mastery. Bring alive the many facets of Goa and experience the heady sensations it has to offer.


The aroma of the Paul John single malt will transport you to the exotic land of India. Hold the rim of the glass an inch away from your nose & tilt the glass slightly towards yourself. Gently breathe in the aromas & discover the exoticism of India.


Pour yourself a small peg of the Single Malt. For the best experience, use a snifter, or a tulip glass. Allow it to breathe for at least ten minutes.


Now swirl it around gently, letting the Single Malt coat the glass. As the volatile vapours break free, the first hint of aromas sets in. Take a moment to admire the consistency of the amber liquid as it coats your glass.


To experience The Great Indian Single Malt at its best, do not add any water. But if you do wish to underplay the flavours a bit, add no more than a few drops of water.


Savour India by taking the tiniest of sips. Take in just enough to coat your mouth. Swirl it around your tongue, tantalising every single taste bud. Feel the consistency. Let the flavours speak. Then swallow.


The finish lets you linger, allowing you to savour The Great Indian Single Malt for a little longer. The aftertaste leaves you with a subtle yet distinct and definitely memorable impression.