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An interplanetary quest for knowledge, pride and discovery, and completing a marathon of 670 million kilometers in 300 days, the Mars Orbiter Mission stands forever as a symbol of national prestige. As the first Asian country to reach the Martian orbit, and the only nation to successfully do so at the very first attempt, India made her mark on the space frontier with this ambitious project. History was made that day, an immortal moment for every Indian - the day we went to Mars.

Such an achievement deserves to be marked with something equally remarkable. Which is why Paul John chose to pay our homage with a limited edition single malt that is worthy of its name: Mars Orbiter. Drawn on the same month that the Indian space probe was launched, this rare edition is a tribute to the brilliance and efforts that made this tremendous mission successful.

From the tropical paradise of Goa, Mars Orbiter proffers intense and dramatic aromas of peat tinged with orange peel and a sweet barley. The palate is then refreshed with gentle spice, tinged with hints of bitter chocolate. Glide into orbit with a deep and graceful finish of spiced butterscotch and profound peat that leaves you yearning for more.

Tasting Notes

Aromas of honeyed orange blossom with a dash of Muscovado sugar tinged with smoked bacon and delicious peat.

On the palate the whisky is smooth and malty with flavours of dark cocoa, salted almonds and a sweet oak.

The finish is long and delightfully spicy with a toasted sugar laced with gorgeous tannic smokiness.

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Mars Orbiter - Peated Single Malt Whisky


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