Paul john whisky - CONSUMER REVIEWS

  • Bangalore / India.

5 ★

Quality whisky

Quality product

  • Bangalore / India.

5 ★

One of the best peated single malts

Beats lagavulin , caperdonich and ardberg likes at such a better price but I dunno why no distribution in Bangalore , i desperately wanna buy

  • Bengaluru / India.

2 ★

Amazing product awful experince due to bottle cap

I am an avid admirer for ur product. My reason for reaching out is to draw ur attention to the fact that the bottle cap cum wooden cork is a big let down. The wood from the cork starts to shred and mix in with the whiskey. There is some serious flaw and I wish u address this issue asap.

  • California / United States.

5 ★

The new Christmas Edition is here!!!

From the first moment you smell until the last sip that travels your palate, you are exposed to Christmas all over with nutty flavors, chocolate, cinnamon, nutmeg, Christmas cake, caramel, tobacco and more.

  • NJ / United States.

5 ★

It's everything Christmas should be!

The Christmas Edition 2021 from Paul John Whisky is everything Christmas should be. It is sweet, it is smoky, it is savory, and the flavors blend stupendously to one another. The fact that I only had a 50ml is heartbreaking because this whisky is stunning. Cheers!