Paul john whisky - CONSUMER REVIEWS

  • Hamburg / Germany.

5 ★

Splendid stuff, indeed!

Jim Murray gave @PaulJohnWhisky's Kanya a staggering 96 points, proclaiming it his "Asian Whisky of the Year". Last weekend at Hanse Spirit, I was lucky to try a dram of it at the booth of @BremerSpirituosenContor. Splendid stuff, indeed! #pauljohnkanya

  • Chicago / United States.

5 ★

Bold is the latest expression from a premium single malt

What happens when you combine sweet, malted barley from tropical India with rich, coastal peat from Islay? This! @pauljohnwhisky's ‘Bold’ is the latest expression from a premium single malt brand that seems to be growing in popularity every day. It marks the 5th addition to Paul John’s core lineup and the first made with peat imported exclusively from Islay.

  • California / United States.

5 ★

The BOLD is an absolute cracker

Can’t get enough of this Paul John whisky! The BOLD is an absolute cracker. It’s a younger whisky, but has massive flavor. The climate in Goa #India creates the perfect environment for rapid maturation. This #whisky is also peated with #peat from #Islay and #Aberdeen which is rather unique. Highly recommend this dram if you haven’t tried!

  • Toronto / Canada.

5 ★

Quality Indian Whisky

Quality Indian Whisky never cease to surprise us, this Paul John Edited was surprisingly complex, good to see Amrut getting some real competition! Hope for the best for both of them!

  • Somerset / United Kingdom.

5 ★

Great quality whisky from Goa!

Great quality whisky from Goa. Bang for your buck (I hate that saying!) is Brilliance, good stuff… but if money’s not a worry then I really enjoyed Peated.