Paul John Single Malt Whisky

Hailing from the contemporary oasis, enticed by 6 row barley from the foothills of the Himalayas amalgamated with the indigenous Indian ingredients from the bays of Goa; the beautiful spirit of life was created. Established in 1992, John Distilleries has been channelized under the stalwart Mr. Paul P John, the chairman of John Distilleries. Mr. Paul John, after charting his way through the lanes of Scotland, and investigating on the country’s distillation and whisky culture, it occurred to him to embrace and yield a single malt made in India not just for the Indians to relish but for the whole world to experience-‘The Great Indian Single Malt’. His passion for creating liquor brands of international repute has led the company to earn prodigious laurels such as the Asian whisky of the year, World whiskey brand ambassador of the year, Spirit selection awards and the count is endless.

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As each drop is as delicate as a pearl on a sting, with the golden waves colliding with the pulsating spices from India- the Great Indian Single Malt is one of the most versatile spirits on the table. The 6-Row Barley used in the malt is specially grown in the foothills of Himalayas and is harvested during summer for its perfect maturity, unlike the two-row barley from Scotland. The boldness is admired with a lot more proteins and tannins, as a result, there is a lot of fatty acids that adds to the character.'

From germination to malting and peating of these special barley grains comes with a distinctive smokiness and taste; while the non-chill filtering helps in retaining their original color and taste. For Peated Whisky, Peat is imported from Scotland – Islay and Aberdeen. Goa’s weather is endured as it helps in the faster maturation at an angel share of 8%, than any other whisky produced in the colder climate. The double distillation of the single malt in traditionally designed copper pot stills makes the spirit acquire a distinct, rich, full-bodied flavor.

Flagship – the glorified flagship collection comprises of- Brilliance, Edited and Bold. Brilliance being the unpeated whisky, Edited having a hint of peat and Bold being royally enriched with peat.

Select Casks – skillfully crafted and anchored, the Select Casks whiskies are drawn from select cask profiles thus providing them with a distinct character.

Single Casks – Unique, priceless and limited, our Single Casks are for the true connoisseurs.

Rarities – Limited editions of Paul John comes in a bow of Kanya and Oloroso. Its sheer rarity amalgamated with intense flavors, draws anyone closer for a sip from the land of diversity. It is an affirmative choice for any enthusiast’s collection.

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Assembling a raft of Paul John Indian Single Malt, filled with the innate indigenous spices from the pearl of the orient, Paul John brings to you its opulent whisky tasting, informative masterclasses, experiencing the beauty of whisky through Whisky Festivals and Whisky Live; stringed with personal interactions with the Man Behind The Brand - Mr. Paul P John.