Paul John XO, A 100% Indian Grape Brandy

Paul John XO, A 100% Indian Grape Brandy

Following the success of Paul John Whisky, Paul P John, Chairman of John Distilleries, chose to venture into the premium brandy segment as well, with the release of Paul John XO, a 100% Indian Grape Brandy.

Created from the famed Ugni Blanc and the rich Bangalore purple grape, the brandy is matured in specially selected, medium toasted new French limousine oak barrels.

Paul John XO has gentle honeyed aromas, deliciously resonating with fresh fig, strawberry liquorice, orange zest and a touch of herbs that sets of a light butterscotch. On the palate is tender cranberry and succulent rum raisin in beautifully balanced yet delectably complex flavours. The glorious lengthy finish is intricately meshed with tremendous notes of sweet oak and an alluring natural caramel.

Paul John XO, bottled at 46% ABV, is available in India and will soon to be released across select countries including USA, UK and Europe.

'I chose to use toasted new French limousine oak barrels for Paul John XO to ensure that the experienced palate would feel comfortable with my XO and yet be able to enjoy the exclusive tropical richness that only Paul John XO offers. I am very excited with what we have created and I hope brandy connoisseurs feel the same.'- Paul P John, Chairman.