Single Malt And Mushrom Galouti Kebab Pairing

We are pairing Paul John BOLD Single Malt with delicious Indian Mushroom based Kebabs.

Paul John BOLD comes from the sunny state of Goa and delectable Mushroom Galouti kebab which originates from Lucknow.

Whisky Taste: Hint of spice, definitely smoke, and some peat. The bold is a symphony of spice and honey like feel, and also has some hint of molasses. On the finish, it's got a nice hint of spice and long smooth finish. It's Wonderful.

The Kebab is made of Onions, a bit of spice, smoked cloves, truffles and Portobello.

The kebab is in the texture of a pate; it's mixed with onions, a little bit of spice, and is smoked with clove. So you have a taste and you have an aftertaste of the cloves getting smoked. Because of the morels and the while mushroom, it's got earthiness to it and it's full-bodied and wonderful.

The saffron in the kebab works very good with honey likes notes in the whisky. The smoky nature of the kebab works very well with the smoky nature of the whisky. It in fact it makes the whisky come alive. It's a pairing made in heaven.

Chef Nimish Bhatiya.